EU-OECD Programme on Investment in the Mediterranean: Participation in Algiers Panel on Investment Incentives

  • Date. 14/06/24
  • Author. Rym Loucif
  • Category. Life of the firm

We are delighted to announce that Rym Loucif participated in the OECD panel on June 11th as part of the EU-OECD Programme for the Promotion of Investment in the Mediterranean. She had the opportunity to discuss the design and objectives of fiscal and land incentives to stimulate investment in Algeria.

The session highlighted the importance of designing effective investment incentives to achieve sustainable development goals. It also provided an ideal platform to explore best practices in the design and governance of these incentives.

We extend our sincere thanks to the OECD for organizing this enriching event and to all participants for their valuable contributions.

For more details on this program: HERE