Compliance programmes aim to ensure companies’ compliance with applicable regulations, prevent the risk of infringement, and better handle  the situation if the risk occurs.

In Algeria,  putting in place compliance programmes has several advantages such as reinforcing legal certainty in a constantly evolving environment, anticipating and managing legal risks, and mitigating penalties if the risk occurs.

Loucif + Co has acquired expert knowledge of the applicable regulations, whether in transversal matters (compliance with competition law, anti-bribery laws, rules in environmental matters, data protection laws, etc.) or matters specific to the undertaking’s business sector (pharmaceuticals and cosmetics, energy, chemicals, and fertilisers, etc.).

Thus, Loucif + Co assists its clients for preventive audits intended to identify risky behaviour and offers the appropriate recommendations and proposes training to heighten management’s awareness of the rules and regulations. Such training may be completed by putting more systematic compliance programmes in place.


  • Audit and risk analysis
  • Report identifying at-risk behaviour
  • Recommendations for changes to be made to ensure compliance


  • Presentation of the applicable rules
  • Presentation of the competent authorities and the risk of penalties incurred in the event of an infringement
  • Training for employees with particular risk profiles


  • Putting compliance procedures in place
  • Drawing up compliance charters
  • Putting control, audit, and alert mechanisms in place
  • Defining sanctions in the event of failure to observe the compliance programmes