Corporate / Mergers & acquisitions

Rym Loucif, the founding partner, has been working in Algeria for more than ten years in local and cross-border transactions concerning acquisitions, disposals, and privatisations. Loucif + Co also has acclaimed knowledge in matters of reorganisations (mergers, demergers, spin-offs, and partial business transfers).

With long experience in partnerships between foreign investors and Algerians, Loucif + Co offers its leading expertise in putting alliances and strategic joint ventures in place between foreign investors and local partners, while offering its clients innovative forms of contractual protection. 

Our practice in Algeria covers various highly-regulated business sectors (such as energy, natural resources, the pharmaceutical industry, transports, tobacco, the sector of banking and finance).


  • Mergers, demergers, spin-offs, and partial business transfers
  • Reorganisations
  • Fund-raising
  • Structure simplification and optimisation
  • Assistance with respect to the competent authorities


  • Joint ventures
  • Corporate governance
  • Putting in place and negotiating strategic partnerships
  • Drafting and negotiating shareholders' agreements and ancillary agreements
  • Managing relations among shareholders


  • External growth and equity transactions
  • Acquisitions / disposals of going concerns
  • Acquisitions / disposals of securities
  • Acquiring equity interests
  • Company auditing
  • Drafting and negotiating asset or share sale/purchase agreements
  • Drafting the corporate documentation pertaining to these transactions
  • Carrying out formalities connected with foreign exchange controls
  • Assistance towards the competent authorities