New Decree in Algeria’s Automotive Assembly Activity

  • Date. 28/05/24
  • Author. Rym Loucif
  • Category. Articles

In line with the Algerian government’s strategy to boost industrialization across key sectors, including automotive, a new executive decree has been enacted to address several objectives for the automotive industry in Algeria.

These include enhancing the quality of locally produced vehicles, increasing the integration of domestic components, promoting foreign investment, and developing a comprehensive industrial sector.

Executive Decree No. 24-159, dated 12 May 2024 (“Decree 24-159“), published on 13 May 2024, amends and supplements Executive Decree No. 22-384 of 17 November 2022 (“Decree 22-384“), which establishes the regulatory framework for the vehicle construction industry.

The key provisions of Decree 24-159 are summarized as follows:

Key points:

·An additional 12 months is granted to manufacturers who have not achieved the local integration rates.

·Decree 24-159 provides long-awaited clarifications for operators already approved, those who invested before its publication, and those in the process of investing with the necessary infrastructure.

·The latter are exempt from prior authorisation and the usual criteria for structuring investments.

·Decree 24-159 strengthens the requirements in terms of the documentation needed to obtain definitive approval.

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