Foreign exchange controls, customs law and external trade

Exchange controls and customs regulations are of particular importance in Algeria due to the criminal penalties that are incurred if these rules are infringed.

Loucif + Co has in-depth knowledge of the exchange controls applicable to capital transfers in foreign currencies (dividends, proceeds from sales, liquidation dividends, etc.) and guides its clients in an ever-changing regulatory environment.

In addition, our team regularly assists international groups for issues pertaining to special customs regimes (temporary admission, temporary exportation).

Building on the strength of its knowledge of the criminal risk arising with exchange control and customs offences, Loucif + Co assists and advises its clients in putting suitable preventive measures in place, to best protect the company and its officers and directors.

In matters of external trade, Loucif + Co attends operators for their exports and imports and ensures their compliance with a strict regulatory framework.


  • Advising on eligibility to the right to transfer in foreign currencies dividends and proceeds from investments
  • Reviewing the compliance of project structuring in light of the foreign exchange control regulations
  • Assisting in transfer formalities with authorised intermediary banks


  • Temporary admission
  • Temporary exportation
  • Discussions with the customs authorities


  • Auditing the criminal risk in matters of exchange controls and customs law
  • Training management teams in regard to the criminal risk
  • Drawing up compliance programmes


  • Analysing import restrictions
  • Rules applicable to the transfer of funds to pay for the import / export of goods and services
  • Ensuring compliance with new requirements applicable to doing business in external trade