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The Loucif + Co team assists and advises its clients in reviewing the contractual documentation and in putting actions in place to protect and preserve intellectual property rights.


A relatively broad-scoped law on the protection of personal data has recently been published in Algeria. The Algerian protection system applies not only to the processing of personal data by a controller located in Algeria but also to a controller located in the territory of a State whose legislation is recognised as equivalent to Algerian legislation. And a controller located outside Algeria but who calls upon resources located in Algeria.

Loucif + Co attends its clients in personal data matters to ensure their compliance with the new law on the protection of personal data.


  • Putting effective actions in place to fight against the counterfeiting of goods in Algeria
  • Reviewing trademark licensing agreements and production licences
  • Reviewing agreements for the transfer of know-how


  • In-depth analysis of the new law on the protection of personal data
  • Ensuring compliance with the new rules on the protection and management of personal data
  • Drawing up personal data protection charters
  • Preparing the various types of consent for the processing and transfer of personal data
  • Training teams in the new requirements for the protection of personal data