Public business law – Procurement

Public business law is of particular importance in Algeria considering the predominance of State-owned entities in the economic fabric of the nation, particularly in the management of large infrastructure projects.

For international investors participating in large-scale projects involving State-owned entities, having good knowledge of procurement regulations, public service delegations, concessions, and anti-bribery provisions are crucial, at all stages of the project.

Therefore, Loucif + Co advises its clients and provides training in matters of public procurement and anti-bribery law and assists them in drafting tailor-made compliance systems, Which makes it possible to ensure the effective management of the criminal risk of non-compliance while enabling businesses to reach their objectives.


  • Procurement tender processes
  • Advance payment bonds and performance bonds
  • Appeals before the competent commissions and committees
  • Delegations of public services and Concessions
  • Public-Private Partnerships